Barred Out

What is Barred Out?


Well I'm from Houston, and down here "barred out" means to be messed up on Xanex "bars." Bars are the most potent of Xanex pills in front of blue and purple "footballs." Usually you drink on them and get really fux0rdz.

maaaaaaaan i got barred out last night and backed my truck into a headshop and i dont even remember it

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To be messed up on Xanex Bars, usually the long yellow latter bars, or the blue 'footballs', also see BENT.

"I was so fucking barred out niggy!"


When someone is sick of or had too much of barred, had all they can take or tolerate.

'Man I'm all barred out, turn it off.'

'After that night I was all barred out.'

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To be tired or sick of watching barred. Either because of already being sexually statisfied or just mental overload.

goddamnit I'm all barred out, shut it off.

damned barred, im all barred out.

i'm all barred out tonight dudes.

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The act or feeling of being banned from a bar when one is too drunk, used in other forms not referring to the original literal definition

Guy 1 "I'm gonna go talk her"

Guy 2 "I dare ya"

Guy 1 "Hey, what's your digits?"

Hottie "In your dreams"

Guy 2 "Man you got barred out"


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