What is Barrel?


The hollow section of a breaking wave. Also known as tube, pipe, close-out, dumper.

"Dude, did you see my barrel?"

See Samus


1. the tube-like part of a wave.

(barrelled) in which a surfer rides inside of the tube-like part of the wave.

1. "Dude, that's a wicked sick barrel on that wave."

2. "Did you see me get barrelled man.


to become deeply imersed withing the overthrowing lip of a wave

aww man that last barrel was sweet!


Boston slang meaning Trash can

Hey Pete, can ya throw those shoes in the barrel for me?

See trash can, garbage can, ashcan


1. to do something completely fucking awesome

2. to have sex

1. Gawd do I barrel

2. I barrelled that hot girl all night long.


oil burning pipe; crystal meth

Do u got a barrel?; Lets smoke sum barrel

See piece, pipe, crystal meth


the barrel of a gun

yo he was sweatin when i had the barrel in his face

See AC


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