Barrel Law

What is Barrel Law?


In southern United States Communities; a barrel is fixed in a position downtown, usually on a downtown square for the purposes of determining age of consent. A gentleman will place the young lady in question inside the barrel, should she be able to see over the top of that barrel, she is deemed to be legal for sexual relations. Thought to have originated in Estonia, known for their own "keg laws". Brought to the United by Andrus Hallur in the mid 1700's. First used in the US in Savannah Georgia where Hallur ran a fudgery and bait shop.

Willie was very excited to meet Wanda, a young deaf mute girl. Before he defiled her in the back of his buggy, he had to take her down to the barrel to see if she passed the local Barrel Law. Thankfully, after getting up on her toes, she was able to see over the top. Willie was then legally able to make her a woman.

See barrel, statutory rape, age of consent


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