Barrel Of Monkeys

What is Barrel Of Monkeys?


A standard of comparison for describing how much fun something is. The "B of m" is usually considered to be less fun that the great time we are having.

This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys

See fun, riot, laughter, carnival


The result when your sister mistakes your sea monkey aquarium for her douche bag.

This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

See douche, barrel, monkey, aquarium, sea monkey


To have a lot of fun.

To enjoy oneself, in a crowd or alone.

"Dude, that sounds like a barrel of monkeys!"

"I'm havin' a barrel of monkeys!"


1. boning.

2. The act of engaging in lengthy, wreckless sexual intercourse. Usually involves a number of positions and locations during a single romp.

"Her roommates are gone for break so we played barrel of monkeys all weekend."

See bone, tag, fuck, sex, boff


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