What is Barret?


Character in Final Fantasy 7. Known to curse a lot, using the word "shit" more often than any other game at the time it came out.

Barret says stuff like "Shit man!", usually in a humorous way.

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A main character from FF7, one of Cloud's closest friends from the terrorist group Avalanche.

Barret has a gun on one arm which he uses to shoot his enemies.

Barret just shot Sephiroth to death.


to thoroughly beat or rape a female

Bill: Damn, Nicole just got barreted

Nick: Again?

Bill: Yea, wanna go make out?

Nick: Sure

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To thoroughly beat or rape a woman

Guy 1 - Damn, she just got barreted

Guy 2 - Again?

Guy 1 - Yea, wanna go make out?

Guy 2 - ok!

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