Barret Boy

What is Barret Boy?


Retarded 13/14 year old 'hard' lads.

They appear to have got it in to their heads they are from 'da hood' and are 'da business'...unfortunately not.

They use words such as;

Beef, Lid, Grok, Maaaate nd other worthless crap.ease don't copy these fools.

Barret Boy#1- Goin up de park dis weekend to get stoned, yehhhh lid.

BB#2- Yehhh lid, nd we'll get pissed n ev.

Normal Person- *Rolls Eyes* For fuck you actually think your hard?!

BB#2- *Starts Going ooo Like A Tard* You startin a Beef, lid

See retards, lid, beef, chav, wankster


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