What is Barrett?


A firearms company based out of Murfreesboro, TN, which specializes in making rifles with freakin' huge calibers. Best known for the M82A1, a .50 caliber sniper rifle designed to take out veichles from a ridiculously long distance. The M82A1 also appears in Soldat, where it fills the role of n00b tube.

Some of their other models include the XM109 sniper rifle which shoots exploding bullets and the M107 sniper rifle currently adopted by the US military.

Their website is barrettrifles

The truck carrying the weapons was almost over the border, when a bullet from a Barrett knocked out the engine block.

"It's too bad Barrett rifles cost $7775, cuz I really want one to blow up that car lot across town."

In Soldat:

"Goddamn n00busing the Barrett as a pistol!"

"Stupid asshole camping our spawnwith a Barrett!"

"lol im good cuz i can kill wit barret"

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A lively little midget who is an expert at doggy style

Are you going to be yourself, or are you going to be a barrett tonight?

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Berserker warrior known for being fearless in battle; one who is fearless; one who lives to die in a way deemed gloriously; person who leads by mystique, curiosity, confusion, unmatchable uniqueness, humor, or in some cases fear

That Barrett is a man.

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A freakin huge boob. Often pierced and decorated with bling.

Nice barretts!

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