What is Barrhaven?


One of the fastest growing residential communities in the city of Ottawa, municipality of Nepean. Normally surrounded by acres and acres of farmland, it's northen boundary is dictated by Fallowfield road, extending west to Cedarview road, and east to Prince of Whales dr. As of late 2005, it features a 6-theatre cinema, and a large strip mall on Strandherd road featuring Wal-Mart, Staples, Winners, and Loblaws among others. Real-estate value ranges anywhere from $110,000 to $1,500,000 in Barrhaven. It is also notorious for the large presence of ethnic minorities, including those of middle eastern or indian heritage, as well as asians. Often nicknamed "Brownhaven". Flooded with catholic schools, Barrhaven also has an extremely nice landscape, featuring many public parks and playgrounds that have been built within the last two years. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get downtown via Ottawa's OCTranspo, and a car or bike is required to get anywhere within the neighbourhood itself.

"Let's go downtown, though you'll have to give me 45mins since I'm commuting from Barrhaven"

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Somewhere so boring all you'll find is pot heads sneaking into movie theaters and jacking stuff from walmart. When they're done that they hussle starbucks to complete the day.

"What did you do this weekend?"

"I went to Barrhaven and smoked weed"


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