What is Barrie?


A bedroom community, littered with people who think Toronto is "scary" or "dirty," and who regard anyone from Toronto as a "murderer."

Here are the facts. If you were born in Barrie:

a) you have probably never left Barrie.

b) you are one of the only people who think there is "oppotunity" in Barrie.

c) you will probably die in Barrie.

If you (for whatever reason) were not born in Barrie but live there now:

a) you probably live in a low-quality cookie-cutter mini-mansion.

b) don't bother waiting for the bus. IT'S NOT COMING.

c) unless you want to spend the rest of your life making smalltalk with brain-dead suburbanites and watching A-Channel news (where the top story is about a cat named 'Oliver Twist' who got stuck in a lawnmower)...GET THE FUCK OUT OF BARRIE.

If you have no ambition and hate black people, may I suggest Barrie?

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A city located about 45 minutes north of Tornto, Ontario. It is located on Kempenfelt Bay and thus plays host to to the Kempenfest Arts and Crafts Festival each year. A wonderful place to live, since it is a close-knit community proud of its history, sports, and culture.

Barrie hosted Live 8 2005 in their Park Place (formerly Molson Park).

We should visit Barrie this weekend; I hear there's a new exhibit at the MacLaren Arts Center located in Barrie's bustling down town area.

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A city in central Ontario populated mainly by white, christian, married, straight, vanilla folk.

Thats boring like Barrie

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a super amazing person who is amazingly sexy and has a very tall boyfriend who likes to act like a monkey. She is the bestest friend in the world. She also loves red skittles and music. She makes bracelets in her spare time and is rarely seen without her camera.

Dude have you seen that barrie girl? shes pretty awesome.

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Barrie, Ontario is a "city" about 90 km north of Toronto, which, unlike Barrie, you've probably heard of before. And the reason you haven't heard of Barrie is because it's a boring, disgusting hole. They brag because their so-called economy (dealing mostly with selling crack) is booming and their population is exploding. In reality, no one wants to live there, and no one cares. It's ugly, the people are ugly and it's a disgrace to the GTA. Everyone from Barrie talks like a dirty truck driver. The place sickens me. Never go there.

Barrie friend: Hey man, you should come to Barrie this weekend.

Oakville friend: No man, I'm rich. I don't go to Barrie.

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Extremely cool guy that lives in Perth, Australia

Digs sport

Digs Rosie

Dylan- How sick was barries goal on the weekend!

Nezzie- Yer was hell good aye

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barrie ontario is the dopest city there is filled with og's and gangsta's and nothin but playaz

barries the shit mo fo

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