Barrington Hipster

What is Barrington Hipster?


Often found in males and females.

The female versions tend to wear male flannel shirts, usually skinny jeans, and black or grey converse. They claim to be independent non-conformists, and usually have an obsession with filming or photography.

The male version is very similar, however they tend to wear trendy hats as well, and both genders have a messenber bag, to top the 'hipster' image.

Barrington hipsters have a fondness for music in the Indie genre, and other bands such as Belle and Sebastian, The Weepies, and other bands that many people hate.

Hipsters are very easy to spot, and usually walk around the school in an abnormal way, wearing several necklaces.

1.Zander, a Barrington Hipster, was wearing a fedora cap and taking pictures of pieces of garbage for his 'collection'

2. Sheela, the Barrington Hipster looked very pissed off today, I wonder if she's mad because her girlfriend dumped her.

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