What is Barrington Suburban Mother?


Barrington Suburban Mothers come in large breeds in Barrington, Illinois.

They are very easy to spot, since they all wear the same clothes, and the clothes that they wear were usually previously owned by their daughters.

They are usually sickley looking, usually from the over spray tanning, the over bleaching of their fryed blonde hair, or the over tanning-booth tanning, that has left their skin and hair loose and dangly.

They usually work out in private excersise places (meaning, you must be a member to enter the building, or it is a private residential gym in a gated community.)

They have bad smelling perfume, spoiled, boring, bland and tasteless children, and husbands that they hardly ever speak to.

Barrington Surburban Mothers are usually very unhappy with their lives, but are too afraid to have an afair, or kill themselves.

1. Joanne Collins, A Barrington Suburban Mother, stepped out of her Escalade in the middle of an intersection, and complained about the car infront of her blocking the sunlight while she was trying to tan.

2. I saw a Barrington Suburban Mother today, she was wearing Abercrombie. It was repulsive, for she had the same outfit on as her thirteen-year-old daughter.

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