What is Barrio?


Spanish term for the "Hood". In the U.S it is used as the Latino equivalent of a Ghetto.

1) In Nueva York we call Spanish Harlem "El Barrio"

2) Ghetto- used for African-Americans/Negros/ Blacks/Niggas

Barrio- used for Latinos/Spics/Hispanics

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SPanish for neighborohhd

yo man these niggas tryin to blast me in my own barrio

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An ethnic neighborhood with a primarily latin character. Literally 'neighborhood' in Spanish.

We rolled to the barrio to scope these hot CD players from those fools Jiminez and Hector eh.


slang spanish term for hood or ghetto

i'm from the barrios of east l.a ese

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Neighborhood (Gang slang)


a word that means a dirty, mostly mexican neighborhood

"Man, poor dirty mexicans sure filled up that neighborhood quick"

"Yeah man, it's just another barrio now"

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filipino term for farm/country

English: I work in a barrio.

Filipino: Nag tatrabaho ako sa barrio.

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