What is Barrrie?


The angry state of mind

Holy shit, after Rhys turned down Barrie he turned into Barrrie

Don't that makes me Barrrie

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Barrrie - a hightend state of ANGER and RAGE originally stemming from the Angry rage of one man.

BARRRIE is pronounced with a long R sound


It is used to describe a individual outside the normal standards of hate and meaness.

The Level of BARRRIE anger is described in a Bottle of Wine Figure

Ex. 1 bottle of wine - not angry

where as infinite bottles of wine - As angry as possible.

Person 1 Says: Rhys Allen you SOB you look Angry

Rhys Allen : I AM BARRRIE ANGRY, I DRANK 12 Bottles of wine.

Person 1: HOLY SHIT

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