Barry Aldridge

What is Barry Aldridge?


A fictional internet character created by music mogul Simon Cowell and Endamol the producers of UK big Brother.

Barry Aldridge is played by the actor known as Brett Willis an 25 year old actor from Forest Hill, South London.

Youtube Partner, search BarryAldridge on youtube to see his video content. Barry is renowned for his ability to be a halfwit and brilliant at the same time.

Dude: OMG did you see that Barry Aldridge video where he talked about having a dream of a dude sticking a ukulele up his ass.

Guy: Woah really I liked the one where he danced to Walk This Way by Areosmith acting like a complete tool... it was such a Barry Aldridge moment!

Dude: But a UKULELE UP HIS ASS (Sideways) and he puts that shit on the web, must be Simons influence!

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