Barry Scott

What is Barry Scott?


Barry Scott is a fictional person, who presents the Cillit Bang adverts. Played by Neil Burgess, he is famous for saying "Hi, I'm Barry Scott", "Bang! And the dirt is gone!", showing how quick rusty pennies can be cleaned, and for generally being loudly over-enthusiatic about Cillit Bang.

Hi, Barry Scott here, asking if you have problems with limescale, rust and ground-in-dirt. They're a challenge for some household cleaners, but not, for Cillit Bang!

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A hardcore DJ of trance and dance, famous for his classic no.1 hit "Cillit Bang Remix - The hardcore cleaning sensation". He gave most of his credit to Jakazid out of modesty, but all true fans know that he truly was the one behind the masterful symphony.

"Dude, you just gotta pick up that new record by Barry Scott. It's sick!"

Benedict: Hey, you heard the Cillit Bang Remix yet?

Geoffrey: No, how does it go?

Benedict: Cillit Bang, Cillit Bang, Cillit Cillit Cillit Bang! Limescale, rust, ground in dirt, they're a challenge they're a challenge they're a-they're a-they're-they're a-challenge

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