What is Barryton?


A podunk town located in central lower Michigan, 35 miles from Central Michigan University. Known for its dilapidated bar, Murphy's, Barryton does not have a stop light. It's one of those towns that Alan Jackson sings about- where everyone knows you; the only beef you'll ever eat is butchered and sold at Hometown Grocery and going to Wal Mart is an all day, precisely planned trip. In Barryton you can't take a shit without the entire population knowing and gossiping about it, and the loss of one person is a loss for the entire town. The majority of Barryton's youth congregates at the sandhill where alot of fun is to be had.Located on M66, Barryton it's a "don't blink" kind of town.

Barrytoner 1: "Hey what's goin' on tonight?"

Barrytoner 2: "Oh, we're headin' up to Murph's for a few and then goin' to the sandhill with our quads. You up for it?"

Barrytoner 1: "Yeah I'm down for Murph's but I gotta open at William's in the mornin'"

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