What is Bars?


xanaxbars, prescription pill, makes you feel drunk, tired, and all you can think bout is pussy.

1. yo lets pop a couple bars, have a couple drinks, and hit up a line.



sentences in lyrical hiphop songs

sentences that rhyme with each other

300 bars is 300 sentences that rhyme

i spit 300 bars on yahoo messenger

See lines, raps


*2mg xanax pills, may be prescribed for some with

"general anxiety disorder.

*they are illegal if purchased without a prescription.

*the side effects of xanax, leave you feeling layback, happy ("drunk"), with loss of memory, loss of perseption, loss of motor control skills, and give some

"the munchies."

*bars are also known as...

-double g's


-totem poles


-happy pills



bob said to tom...

"i had some bars before school today and i can't remember

sh!t, u got the homework?"

See sticks, zanny


There are 4 beats to every 'bar'. Bars in the rap music context are the lyrics that you can say over 4 beats. The amount of bars you can spitdepend on how fast you can rap your lyrics. Most lyricists use a 16 bar for 1 verse of a song. Whilst singers commonly use 8 bar verses. Although there is a lot of variation.

"Ay blud, i write them bars with ease. Thats why i got nuff of them"

"I spit the illest '16s' you wil ever hear"

See rap, mc, hip hop, ill, hard, easy, chav, rapper, uk, underground, bar, verse, spitting


Having lyrics that ryhme or that are satisfying to hear. Refers to rap ohly.

He had hot bars when he was freestylng at school.

See cj


a word to describe how cool a guy is, how fuckin rawsomeone could be

david just kicked your ass, he's got hella bars.

he's got more bars than AT&T.

See raw, sick, cool, tite, awesome


Commonly reffered to as Xanax or Sticks . with about 4mg of xanax in your system you will be pretty much down to do anything from sex with an ugly chick to robbing a gas station. The effects of xanax usually result in simply not caring about anything . You will also have rather extreme memory loss.

Bars are fun but make sure to take them in the right situations and not over due it...(first timers)

They can also put you to sleep for up to 24 hours

Idiot: *wakes up at his friends house*

yo whhatt happened last niightt???

Friend: You go barred the fuck out and tried to rob the should probably lay low.

Idiot: Damn bars really are crazy

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