What is Bashy?


Too cool and 'in your face'

Jack: Hey Michael, would it be bashy if I came to school today in my new mercedes, but wearing pajamas and wayfarers?

Michael: the way I fucked your mom last night, she gave me coke.

Jack: Bashy.

See cool, in your face, fresh, annoying, fash


In your face while maintaining a cooler than though attitude.

Jack: Hey Michael, would it be Bashy if I turned up to school in my new mercedes, wearing pyjamas and wayfarers?

Michael: Probably. By the way i fucked your mom last night, she gave me some coke.

Jack: Bashy...

See bitchin, too cool, annoying, ironic


This term means that someone or something looks good

your clothes look bashy

or 'that Mercedes looks bashy'

See bash, boom, good, bling, fab


Nice atmosphere/occasion

That dance last night was bashy!!


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