Basket Fuck

What is Basket Fuck?


A term referred to a sexual favor offered by a prostitute, originally coined as the 'Tijuana Basket Fuck'.

The woman, or prostitute, sits in swing-like device, where the seat has a hole cut out of the bottom. The seat is usually made out of a material that contours the woman’s buttocks, giving it a point-down rounded shape. The hole in the seat is large enough to allow the most important parts of the woman's anatomy, the vagina and anus, to extrude at the bottom most part.

The seat/swing, hanging by a rope, is spun round-and-round, like a rubber band on an old Estes balsa plane, coiling up to allow the 'sitter' to unwind. The woman, sitting in the seat, has her vagina lowered down on the man's penis. As that point, the seat is released, and then the woman starts spinning around and around, using the corded rope as a propellant, gradually lowering herself onto the man's penis.

Sources say that it only takes about 30 seconds to 'lift off'.

Sitting in her rubber tire swing, with the bottom cut out to accomodate Johnny, Matilda spun herself round-and-round, coiling up the rope to unleash a whirlwind pleasure of basket fuck upon Lil' Johnny below.

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