Bass Head

What is Bass Head?


A person who uses crack. Or some one who has ruined there life by crack.

"Man you a bass head."


A bass head is someone who enjoys an excessive amount of bass in music. A bass head can usually be identified as a person who installs many large subwoofers into their car, which in turn, can produce enough bass to damage ear drums.

Cover your ears, it's Ian the bass head rolling down the street!


general term to mean any person who is annoying, stupid, or just a plain old idiot.

did she just say the capital of iraq was afghanistan? what a bass head.

See idiot, dumbass, annoyance, retard, fool


A term used by one to offend / inform another about their unusually bassy voice

"Gosh Michael you're such a bass head!! - Fricking Idiot"

See bass, deep, voice, idiot, beanpole


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