What is Bastage?


Bastard. Originally used in the 1984 movie Johnny Dangerously. This PG flick introduced bastage, fargin', and icehole as PG terms for similar sounding words.

You fargin' bastages!

See Sepo


Negative term to describe another person. Very similar to BASTARD but without saying the person is lacking of a Father.

That bastage Darren annoys me All DAY at work.


Term referring to the word bastard, often used to get around language filters in online games.

OMG! They Killed 1337skillz! You bastages!!

See bastard, farg, frick, biznatch


an affectionate term for a friend who is being a twat. see twatfor further information.

Good morning dave. Bastage.


1. A name put after a random animal or random vechicle.

2. Used instead of Amen after a prayer

3. So be it.

4. Nickname, put after adjetive.

1. You Chincilla Bastage!! You Charter Bus Bastage

2. Dear God thank you for our food. Bastage.


4. Furry Bastage!

Gay Bastage!


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