What is Bastedo?


n. a nice looking suit.




Marty: bastedo bukkake is fun!

Fred: What's that?

Marty: when you put on your tux with other buddies in tuxes, and get your cock waxed by my sister.

Fred: Isn't that incest?

Marty: But if you're wearing a bastedo it's all good.


A stylish suit or tuxedo.

Rob: Did you get your bastedo for the party?

Marty: No, I'm getting a bit overweight

Rob: Don't worry about it, I've got akimow and add!

Marty: Well, that's still better than akimow bukkake

Rob: Stay away from my sister.

See Marty


(1) n. A droopy faced fence-sitter

(2) n. an overweightperson

(3) n. a cheap suit or tuxedo (this is actually the least common meaning)

Marty: Where's that bastedo (3)?

Jimmy: I put it in the closet you bastedo (2) fucker.

Marty: eah... You callin me fat?

Jimmy: No... just cheap you fat fuck.

Marty: Well, you're a bastedo (1).

Jimmy: At least I'm not a fat pig you long-faced asswipe.

See Farty Marty


Saying that only black people use ebonics

Bastedo: You speak very white

Person Who Doesn't Use Ebonics: But I'm black.


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