What is Bastich?



An insult that is apparently a combination of the words bastard and bitch - applying on both sexes. The expression (along with the modern revival of the word frag) originated in the comic book Lobofrom DC Comics, in the late 1980s.

"I'll devour ya entrails and thoroughly enjoy it, ya fraggin' bastich!"


1. A smart combination of the words 'Bastard' and 'Bitch'.

2. A Ladyboy who stole your last Rolo.

Jesus, your such a Bastich (apply in both cases)

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A term first used by Richard Dimitri (as Roman Troy Moronie ) In the movie Johnnie Dangerously starring Michael Keaton and Joe Piscapo. A spoof on 1930's gangster flicks, the movie gives a great showing of the historically correct clothes and mannerisms from that period. An incredibly funny movie, this 1984 classic helped jumpstart Keatons' career for other starring roles in Gung Ho and then of course Beetle Juice.

"You frigin BASTICH". Moronie

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Bastard, in the mode of DC's Lobo bounty hunter, Lobo.

"Fuggin' bastiches! I'll gut ya!"

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A combination of "bastard" and "son of a bitch."

Neek: Sorry, guys. I just ate the last Timbit.

Tok: Fuckin' bastich.


Bastich, quite blatantly, means "bitch" in DC speak.

"I'm the biggest, baddest mother fraggin' bastich around!"


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