Bat Wing

What is Bat Wing?


To grab the extra skin on ones scrotal tissue and stretch them out to each side, with the penis in the middle. The veins in the testicles resemble the structure of a bats wings.

Term used in the movie "Waiting" which deserves three kicks if caught looking at one.

"aww no!! not the bat wing!!"

"haha, gotcha my friend. now that three kicks you raging cock-smoker"

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When its hot and sweaty and your ball-sack sticks to the sides of your legs. Forming a bat-wing. See also Half-Caf Batwing

Damn this NorCal heat, I've got a brutal Bat Wing goin.


When a male's ball sack is stretched in such a fashion that causes it to resemble a bat wing.

The image of Tom's bat wing was forever embedded in the mind of each unfortunate onlooker.

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when a male's nutsack sticks to his leg due to sweat.

Usually happen's on a hot day or during a physical workout.

"Dude, I got some serious bat wing right now"

Very common at weddings while wearing a tuxedo.

Sometimes can be corrected without even touching the affected area with a simple leg shake. Other times might need to play a little pocket pool.

Severe cases call for immediate fondling of the genital area.












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bat wing also known as a Airan Boak , is where u stretch ur ball bag into a bat wing !

woww thar ball reli got stretched , yh that was some Airan Boak , wot a huge Bat wing !

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When your ball sack gets stuck to the side of your leg, generally happens when men sit down and are sweaty.

You sit down, and you can feel your ball sack stuck to your leg. You might say to your friend, "i've got bat wing".

If heard by some forign people, they , may assume that you are calling your ball sack, bat wing, because it is black and hairy, like a bats wing.

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When the ball sack gets stuck to the side of the leg forming what seems to look like a bat wing.

I stood up and got a major bat wing.

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