What is Batgirl?


Batgirl is a DC Comics superhero, a female crime-fighter modeled after and associated with Batman.

Although a mostly-forgotten Bat-Girl appeared in Batman comic books of the early 1960s, the most well-known Batgirl was a collaboration between DC editors and the producers of the Batman television series and debuted in both mediums in 1967. She was Barbara Gordon, the adopted daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon.

Holy exploding octopus, Batgirl!

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A beautiful, clever, funny and damn sexy heroine...with the power to knock me off my feet! The most loveable super-girl in the world!

See that BG over there...she's the love of my life!


A girl who enjoys giving blowjobs to guys who currently have batwings.

Oh man, Stacy is such a batgirl after gym!

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