Bathing Suit

What is Bathing Suit?


Although believed to be an outfit for swimming, it isn't

Technically, it is a SUIT for bathing

But do you know anyone who bathes in suit?

That's what i thought.

The term "bathing suit" is politically incorrect

While we're on the subject, so is your face


"I don't know about you, but I personally bathe in the nude so I don't know what you're asking us to do"

"No,like a bathing suit"

"Who wears a suit when they take a shower?"

"No, like to go to the beach"

"You want me to bathe at the beach?!?!"

"In front of everyone?"

"Okay, everyone in the back, and line up"

"That's just a little bit nasty"

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this is basically just water-proof underwear if u think about it.

taylor: guess what?

kim: what?

taylor: your so-called bathing suit is actually just like underwear that's really colorful and water-proof at the moment.

kim: i now feel exposed.

kim's mother: take that off right now!

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