What is Batjew?


The crime-fighting, accountant cousin to Batman.

Guy #1 - "Dude did you see Batjew last night?"

Guy #2 - "I did! That was so crazy. The second you dropped that quarter he snatched it up like your mom gets ahold of cake!"

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Batjew is the Jewish Cousin to one of our favorite crime fighters, Batman. Thinking in terms of gamers, when a gamer gets screwed over he says he gets jewed... when BATJEW gets screwed over he obviously cannot get jewed because he's already a jew, he then gets BAPTISED... the hilarity ensues....

Nanananananana nan ananananananan BATJEEWWWWWWWWW!

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Our lord and saviour.


Batjew will hit you with his ban hammer

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