What is Batley?


Big rugby league town located between Leeds and Huddersfield.

Lots of pubs a 2 shit clubs along the golden mile.

West End, Whitehart, Rose of York, batley Nash (cheap) Jailhouse rock, Wilton, Welly, Union Rooms (Weatherspoons) La choex bar (2 for 1), The Bank, Deco, Brooklands, Oaklands, Boulivard, Frontier Upto Ex for a Ratburger pull a fat old bird then either get into a fight or piss ya pants waiting for a taxi.

Old saying - if you cant pull in Batley then you must be gay!

Mate 1 - where you end up last night?

Mate2 - went down Batley pulled a right dog up at Ex!

Mate1- oh yeah any one we know?

Mate 2 - Yeah you know Sav's Missus! it was her!

Mate1- nice 1

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The dance capital of the Universe. Home to the Batley Variety Club now known at the Batley Frontier containing possibly the lamest light and laser show ever.

The Exclusive nightclub in Batley a contradiction in terms

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