What is Bato?


spanish for dude (mainly used in Puerto Rico)

ey bato qué se esta encendiendo?

hey dude whats going on?

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Someone whom you CANNOT trust udner any circumstances.

Often manipulative.

Wow, I cannot believe Bato just told EVERYONE that.

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A word meaning a male gangster. made popular during the time of the zoot suiters, mainly by the play and movie Zoot Suit.

Also is used as a nick name for mexican and spanish guys.

"It was every batos dream to put on a zoot suit and play the myth." zoot suit, luis valdez

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Term refering to a white person. Similar to gringo. Typically used by Mexicans.

Whats poppin' Bato? -OR- You ready Bato? etc . . .


a spam n00b, despised by all he encounters

bato, stop spamming u stupid n00b


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