What is Batshit?


A level of insanity that the word alone cannot justify. Usable as a prefix ("Batshit insane") or on its own.

Popularised by Something Awful, before it was rubbish.

"That Gay Farmers For Jesus site is completely batshit."


Off the deep end, crazy, insane. But worse.

See Gary Busey.

My mom has gone totally batshit; she tried to microwave our cat!


insane, wildly irrational (see also gobatshit}, and batshit crazy)

The kid was batshit. No wonder nobody wants to be his friend.


Post K-Fed Britney Spears

Britney Spears is BATSHIT crazy, bitch is out of her damn mind.

See britney, spears, britney spears, crazy


A sudden, seemingly reasonless burst of anger. Typically from a woman. Though a man can be the culprit, if particularly feminine. Men usually have reason for their temper tantrums.

Can consist of, but not limited to: yelling, screaming, slapping, hitting, foaming at the mouth, bewilderment, and/or diarrhea.

That last symptom can be of either the victim or the batshitter, the second to last is limited only to the victim.

Past tense is 'batshat' since 'batshitted' is just plain improper, and 'batshatted' is a double past tense.

"We were just sitting on the couch watching a movie with, all of a sudden she had an unprovoked batshit".

"Yeah mine's done that before, must've breathed wrong".

"Oh my bad".

"It's okay, it happens".

See batshit, woman, angry


Like apeshit, but exclusively applied to Christian Bale

Did you hear the tape of him going batshit on the set?

See christian, bale, batshit, apeshit, batman


Cool, awesome, brilliant (derived from 'batshit insane' and 'crazy', where 'crazy' is used in the positive sense)

Hey man, that movie was batshit!

That party was batshit!

This drink is batshit!

See batshit insane, off the hook, crazy, cool, awesome, brilliant


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