What is Battipaglia?


(1) - Adjective - Noun - Verb

(Noun1) An awesome guy, Math teacher.

(Noun2) Battipaglia is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy, with some 51,000 inhabitants.

(Adjective) Awesome, Teacher of Math

Common attributes are :

- Beard

- Typically a moustache-chinstrap combo

- Can write whilst looking at you

- Shows this occasionally

- First name begins with a 'D'

- Usually follows with 'A'

- Typically a 'N' is following

- Likes SOAD

- Noun1 -

Guy1 : "So, what class do you have next?"

Guy2 : "Battipaglia's"

Guy1 : "Lucky..."

Guy3 : "I like nacho cheese..."

- Noun2 -

Guy1 : Che città state guidando?

Guy2 : Oh, Battipaglia.

- Adjective -

"WOAH. Battipaglia alert!"

"Congratulations sir, you are now an OFFICIAL Battipaglia"

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