Battle Angel Alita

What is Battle Angel Alita?


An AMAZING graphic novel created by Yukito Kishiro.

It centers around Gally/Alita, an amnesiac cyborg girl who's found in the rubble of the Scapyard by Doctor Ido. She learns that the ancient Panzer Kunst, the most powerful humanoid cyborg fighting technique, is instilled in her. She then begins to fight so that she can learn who she is and used to be.

The series is amazing and taps into many different themes and philosophical questions. Gally/Alita is constantly trying to find herself; figure out why she fights; what makes a human; what someone's value really depends on; how can we conquer our own karma??? These questions and more are posed in Battle Angel Alita (or Gunnm, it's other name that translates to Gun Dreams) and we see different character's answers and solutions.

It's an AMAZING story written by a great author. It's great for a deep read or something fun and enjoyable. The characters are memorable and make you laugh or cry. It's super violent but not so poorly drawn that you can't figure o'ut what's goin on, too. There's a LOT of blood and brains getting smashed and yum yum yum hahaha but it's still amazing.

There's a movie coming out and a bunch of people will try to jump on the bandwaggon and say they lurved it 4ever, so we'll have to fight through the noobs, but true Battle Angel/Gunnm fans know that when they read that book it seriously changed their lives!!!

Battle Angel Alita beats sooo many other mangas on sooo many levels... it's violent, bloody, funny, (at times) romantic, REALLY WELL DRAWN (you can always tell what's going on) and can make even the most tough people break out in tears.

When Alita doubts herself:

"Until now I've always just done what I believed was write... but if I was right, why did all of this happen...?" - Alita

"Answer's simple. When you're stronger and better than everybody, they start to hate you." - Girl


"Geez, you're slow!"

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