Battle Of Neath 1799

What is Battle Of Neath 1799?


See Margam Castlefor the location of Neath.

Not a battle but a minor skirmish between the forces of the then High Sheriff Lord Pembroke, the Legonium Veritas and the rebel army led by Terry of Tonmawr in which no shots were fired, no sabres were drawn, not a single drop of blood was shed and not a single life was lost.

The action : On the morning of Monday 1st March 1799 one Cavalry troop of the High Sheriff's bodyguard were confronted by 117 rebels fleeing punishment for their actions in the Tonmawr rebellion.

In short, the Battle of Neath was nothing more than the forces of good staring at the forces of evil for exactly 13 minutes and 34 seconds before God wreacked havoc on the rebel forces sending them running to the privy!

"The Battle of Neath was shit, just shit" see Neath


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