Battle Shits

What is Battle Shits?


A game where you and a friend, or another person, bombs huge, loud shits in the toilet. The rules are simple...

1. Whoever bombs the loudest shit, out of both of you, sinks your battle shit.

2. Farts are included.

3. The game goes on until one of you bombs the loudest and biggest shit.

4. Have fun and enjoy the sweet, sweet smell of fieces.

Guy Numero Uno: *Bombs a garganutious piece of shit with a little poot at the end*

Guy Numero Dos: Dammit, you sunk my battle shit!


The grueling cotest involving two people weighing in, before taking shits in adjacent bathroom stalls. I cannot stress how important it is that the dumps be simultaneous. After both combatants have finished. They must examine each other's specimen and then procede to weigh again. The winner is the combatant who had the heaviest shit.

In some countries battle shitting will hold up in court, such as for custody of a child or divorce hearings.

This Sunday on Pay-Per-View, Chip Brown "Streaks" will square off against Brian "The Human Corn Cannery" Harrell in a battle shits contest for the World Title. 29.99.

The over/under for betting purposes is 5 ounces.

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