Battle Wound

What is Battle Wound?


The cuts, scrapes, bruises, bad tattoos, burns, and minor disfigurements one discovers the morning after a night of heavy drinking; remnants usually lasting 6-26 months and at the expense of whatever you were wearing. Everyone remembers how it got there except you.

"What is that on your face?"

"Oh, just a minor battle wound. Last night was pretty rough. It doesn't look infected right?"

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The cuts, scrapes or bruises aquired while moshingor during a wall of deathat an awesome concert. Usually shown to friends as proof of how awesome the concert or pit was.

Max: Dude!!! Look at what happened to my leg at Warped Tour!!! Look how much its bleeding!!

John: Thats an awesome battle wound. I guess that wall of death was pretty brutal.

Max: Yea

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