What is Battlefield Bad Company?


The most kick-ass first person shooter made in history. Want to get inside a building, but that wall is blocking? Simple, blow it up! This game is awesome, as everything in the environment is DESTROYABLE. You can blow up houses, blow holes in walls, not to mention it has a fairly entertaining single player mode. It's main awesomeness is featured online, where you can keep ranks, and even take screenshots and they will auto-upload to EA's servers for FREE. It uses the new Frostbite engine, allowing people to mess with the environment, such as also blowing craters into the ground, giving your teammates cover. It features the old conquest mode, as well as the new and popular Gold Rush mode, in which you must either defend or attack gold crates. Now you do not have to worry about idiots hiding all the time, as you can blow away their cover, leaving them for dead.

Person 1: Hey, I'm going to play Call of Duty 4, you in?

Person 2: Why? So some idiot can hide behind a wall all day? No thank you.

Person 1: What are you talking about? All games are like that!

Person 2: Not Battlefield Bad company, you can blow apart walls with awesome weapons!

Person 1: Be right back. *goes and shoots Call of Duty 4*

Person 2: Going to go get Battlefield Bad Company now?

Person 1: Hell yea!

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