Batty Crease

What is Batty Crease?


This is the point of contact from the coxix tho the anus of one's buttocks. As the buttocks can be spread apart, the contact forms a 'crease'. This crease in in one's buttocks is known as the 'Batty Crease'. It is a colloquialism that can be used as a noun or an adjective.

'You're a dirrrty batty crease bitch!'(in terms of adjective) 'Yo bitch's batty crease is masssive man!'(noun)


The point at which ones thighs meet at the back of the body, usually referred to as the buttocks. The "batty crease" is therefore the crack in ones buttocks

"That yattie over there, she got some big up batty crease. Me see it like the grand canyon, man."


The most unsensitive part of the body situated on the back above the legs below the spine. It is unsensitve unless your attacked by the sh*ts

"ali, put your nozzle up my battycrease"


a creasing of the anus after exessive boneing

you are a batty crease!!!!

See ur mom


The process used in the creasing of one's batty.

"I shall perform upon thou a batty crease"

See Pablo


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