What is Bauer?



when one has partook in a long, strenuous 24 hours, be it partying all night long, generally staying up for extended periods of time being heavily intoxicated. a 24 hour period so hardcore it is in the realms of the sort of of day Jack Bauer would t battling worldwide terrorists and protecting his daughter from kidnappers.

"fuck me jake, that weekend in Amsterdam was fucking BAUER!!!"

"are you up for the pub tonight? It's going to be pretty bauer"

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Bauer in Latin means "King","The Great"

This is your worshiping king.

They usually have the most money and the greatest things.

Bauer is the captain of the Tennis team.

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The most epic fails ever. Failing at everything. Failure.

wow man. that was a real bauer when you lost you bong.

You sure bauered that math test.

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being or the act of being a pussy

"Man I tried to ask that girl out but I Bauer'd out"

"I would go to that party but I'm a Bauer"


The act of giving oral sex to a male. Derived from the sounds of oral sex on the penis.

My friend John paid $50 to Sue for some bauer.

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To shave your beard onto a womans vagina, then continue to eat her out and come out with your beard back in its place

yeah dud, brian totally bauered his girlfriend. what a melvin

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v. To seriously wreck someone's flow, especially in the style of Jack Bauer.

Darryl was having a nice day, but I had to bauer his ass when he stepped to my girl.


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