What is Baulin?


When one gay male showers another gay male with cash while having intercourse.

I walked in on my roomate baulin some strange guy last night. He was making it rain on dat hoe.

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A step below ballin; Made popular by the members of the Honda-Tech General Discussion and Debate forum, who created the phrase when the moderator known as BauleyCivic posted a picture of himself making it rainwith $1 bills.

"Damn, Rguy has an E55! He must be ballin!"

"No, he has 15 roommates. He's just baulin."

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Purchasing something out of reach of ones affordability or means, most likely an automobile by the way of getting more roommates.

Bob was baulin, when he traded in his Civic for a AMG E55.

See balling, ballin, make it rain, supaman


When some one is so deep in love that the word "love" its not enough so you can use "baulin" to describe that person who is so so in love.

"she just live for him, all the day think and talk about him... she is not in love... she is baulined"

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