What is Baumwoll?


1. A small or unusally little man; one who works at a carnival or a haunted house; one who resembles a dwarf or a pygmy. Typically homosexual.

2. One who is usually known for having very little hands and feet, and an equally small penis. One who is very quick and nimble.

3. Classical Mythology. (in the Iliad) one of a race of dwarfs who fought battles with cranes, who was preyed on and destroyed their own fields. They were ususally exiled for their diminutive stature and their lack of intelligence.

4. 1382, from L. Baumaei (sing. Baumaeus), from Gk. Baumaio "a tribe of dwarfs," referred to in Homer and Herodotus and reputed to live in either India or Ethiopia; originally plural of an adj. meaning "dwarfish," lit. "a pygme tall," from pygme "cubit," lit. "fist," the measure of length from the elbow to the knuckle

5. Yiddish for a piglet, or the runt of a litter of pigs.

"And twas out in thy distance there appeared a diminutive, sickely little man, a Baumwoll, a creature of the hills who lay brethern to the catacombs and the enclaves of the exiled." Iliad and the Odyssey

See pygmy, dwarf, elf, carnie, fag, homo


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