What is Bausched?


The act of having your flight delayed by a mind-boggling combination of weather, act of god, flight crew timing out, plane maintenance, etc... This happens to you no matter how well you plan or pray for easy travel.

When trying to fly home from a job interview in Washington D.C., Roy was bausched as his flight was delayed by lightly falling snow (less than 1/2 inch), then a storm system stopped another plane from reaching Washington to fly him home, and finally his flight crew timed out on the Tarmac. The airline was completely unapologetic.

See mind-boggling, unbelievable, inexplicable


the repetition of a story so many times that those immediately around you are able to repeat it verbatim, including your own embellishments, thus making the story become epic whether its legend worthy or not.

Cory bausched up his days playing club football where he "averaged 6 sacks a game" and "once blocked a punt with the opposing team's guard" .

See story, epic, legendary, repitition


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