Bay Ridge

What is Bay Ridge?


a rich neighborhood in brooklyn where the verazanno bridge connects to staten island. it borders the narrows river and is a mostly upscale white part of brooklyn with huge mansions

the rich white italian mobster lives in bay ridge.

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Originally called "Yellowhook". A largely middle class neighborhood in the southwest corner of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. With its strong family presence, it is not uncommon to see third or fourth generation families living in the region. Bay Ridge has been known for its large Irish, Italian, Greek and Scandinavian population, but like other areas in South/Southwest Brooklyn, it has recently seen a large influx of Russian immigrants, and a smaller amount of Chinese. Bay Ridge also has many international restaurants and bars, especially along 3rd and 5th Avenue. It is home to Fort Hamilton, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the 69th street Pier (and it's 9/11 monument), Owl's Head Park, and John Paul Jones Park a.k.a. "Cannonball Park".

Contrary to popular belief, Bay Ridge is not inherently a rich or poor neighborhood, and most of the mansions that some may see as part of the neighborhood are either landmarks or are actually part of nearby Dyker Heights.

Best place to get food? 3rd ave in Bay Ridge of course!

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Once known as Yellow Hook, Bay Ridge is a diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn. It is mainly a middle class area with also a large number of lower middle class residents, and a small number of upper class residents. The neighborhood was once famous for its large Irish, Norwegian and Italian population; but today there are many other races including Arabic, Greek, Asian, and Hispanic. Bay Ridge is also known for its high quantity of bars, and liquor stores. Once quoted as being "the land of bars and churches" Bay Ridge still holds some of its original character, and is still known as a drinking neighborhood. Contrary to belief Bay Ridge is not an upscale rich neighborhood. It is a very diverse working class area, with many different types of cultures and ethnicities mixing.

Tourist: Where are the good bars?

Person: Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

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A neighborhood in Annapolis, Maryland, known for its reveled history as a resort town turned neighborhood. On the chespeake bay, home to a thriving marina, hoops courts and many beaches. A typical day consists of crabs, boats, lax, fishing, and relaxing. Many beach parties have taken place ehere, often against the will of the police/locals. Surfing has also been known to occur on wonderful days. Some people even partake in "Bay Rides" around the neighborhood traveling along the Bay the entire time. Gorgeous, Beautiiful, and Amazing. All residents are considered extremely attractive.

Hey what do you wanna do

Lets go chill in bay ridge and wakeboard or something

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"the land of bars and churches"...and arabs. Bay ridge is a town with a border, once you cross 76th towards 69th street its all hukas, arabs, that think they're tough and black or puerto rican, and muslims, the rest is Irish, Italian, Asian, a few black and hispanic, and rich people...only part of Bay Ridge is rich, those people live along shore road and thats it. Bay Ridge is also the place where the pussies from Dyker like to come and get drunk, pick a fight, lose, and run back to their mansions in Dyker. Dumb faggot rich kids are always giving Bay Ridge a bad name. Also, the only soft part of Bay Ridge are the Arabs, and white kids that are spoiled and think they are gangsta, but have a fucking trust fund. Arab teenagers are because they travel in packs, and pick on kids half their size and age, and call thirty of their cousins if they get in trouble. They don't know how to fight by themselves, can't stand up for themselves, and all talk like retarded gangstas. Oh, and noone from Bay Ridge calls it Spray Ridge!

DYKER KID 1: I wanna get blasted

DYKER KID 2: Lets go to Bay Ridge

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The softest neighborhood in Brooklyn that is only good for its bars. Especially soft is 69th street, which is filled with nothing but Arab teenagers who pretend they are Puerto Rican gangstas.

Girl 1: Hey, I wanna walk through a safe neighborhood.

Girl 2: Well theres nowhere safer then Bay Ridge.

Girl 1: But someone on Urban Dictionary said 69th street was hard. *giggle*

Girl 2: Oh he's just a silly poser who wishes he lived in the REAL ghetto. Everyone knows you can't be hard when you live in a neighborhood with MANSIONS.

Girl 1: Let's go back to Flatbush and get a real nigga

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Brooklyn neighborhood that should really be part of staten island, which should really be part of new jersey.

The orange skinned, gelled hair, newport smoking, scumbags that drive their piece of shit cars down third avenue while blasting that horrible noise called techno. go back to staten island, we don't need your pollution in bay ridge.

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