What is Bdt?


Stand for: Boss's Daughter's Tits

Based off the terms Boss and Titswhich are used to explain how great, or amazing something is.

1.Something that exceeds everything else.

2.Highest level of amazing.

"Did you see that?! that was so BDT!"

"all i have to say is that was BDT! BDT!"

See boss, tits, awesome, amazing, insane


The "Back Door Tongue"

"Women love the BDT, they cant say no to anal when you give them the BDT"

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bout dat time. time to go smoke

its bdt baby ra cha cha


an abbreviation for "big dirty tom"... as in strickland. don't worry bdt.. you're not thaaat dirty

"hey!over there! look! it's BDT chillin with tim conway!"


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