What is Beardvember?


It is our mission to unify and beautify men through the common objective of obtaining a full beard throughout the month of November.

For one month, we shall let our facial hair grow as it was intended to. It is not a contest, but a celebration of the privilege we have received. A membership to this brotherhood of men is a commitment to excellence in the field of beard growing.

On October 31st, we engage in the sacred Shaveabration ritual. For the month after that, no razors will touch our faces, only our magnificent hairs.

Modern society tries to neuter us with a constant barrage of images of shaved, womanly men. For one month, real men shall band together in defiance of the unnatural social obligation of routine shaving. Some females, brainwashed by anti-male mass media, will tell you they do not like beards. These are not real women. There are only two types of women: women who love men with beards and lesbians. Never succumb to devious female tactics to make you shave. We are here to support you. Our strength lies in our solidarity.

So what can you do to further the cause? Most importantly, wear your beard proudly. Tell all of your friends. Put up posters around your city or campus. Share this site or give it a Digg up. Join the Facebook group. Tell your dad. Tell your sons. Together, we shall overcome beardlessness.

No Shave, No Vember.

Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard. - Leviticus 19:27

So are you taking part in beardvember?

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The time of the year between November 1st and November 30th when men come together to celebrate their masculinity by refusing to shave. Also referred to as "No Shave November", this celebration may also continue into the subsequent months of winter.

During Beardvember, John's facial hair became so thick that some thought he was a caveman.

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