What is Beatlesque?


A song that has a chord pattern similar to a Beatles song, particulary a similar sounding song to "The White Album" or "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Did you check out that new Green Day CD? Track 7 was really beatlesque.

See Andrew


a term used by critics to describe musicthat has one or more traits or characteristics of the music made by the Beatles. Since the Fab 4 are one of the most inspirational rock bands of all time, many people have used the term to describe almost anything.

Cheap Trick has often been described as a Beatlesquehard rock band. They rock.

Oasison the other hand, are a bunch of Beatles clones wanna-bes. They suck.

See john lennon, george harrison, ringo starr, influential, rock'n'roll


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