What is Beckman?


In parts of Northern Kansas, used to describe an annoying asshole who thinks he is smarter and better than everyone else.

Often uses sarcasm in irrelevant ways. Also makes up stupid points in arguments to try to win said arguments, but ends up looking like a jackass.

Common Characteristics of a Beckman: Dark brown hair, annoyingly shaped nose, thinks he can play guitar. College geek. Giggity Halt. Has an odd sounding laugh. Monkey Boy.

If you happen to come across a Beckman, do not be frightened. They sense fear. Stay calm, back away slowly, find the closest hard, preferably pointy object and then run towards him screaming bloody murder. Aim for the head or balls, for these are the weak points.

"Oh my gosh, that guy is such a jerk!"

"Well what do you expect? He's a beckman!"

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a guy who says everyone else is on crack but in reality he's the one on crack...

beckman: OH jimmy your on crack

jimmy: shut up beckman you dont know what your talking about... your the crackhead

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