What is Beelzebug?


Satan in the form of a mosquito that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

When camping at Flagstaff Lake, a Beelezebug is a common occurence.


Information Age technology that has diabolic or infernal applications, especially if it can be interpreted as prophecied in the The Book of Revelations.

"While many Americans, including many Christians, joke about the Rapture, End Times and now the illicit use of RFIDimplants--the word Beelzebugs suddenly comes to mind--there are, by Mr. O'Leary's account, 'tens of millions' who don't consider RFIDthe stuff of mirth." - From the Online Wall Street Journal, 2005.12.30

See 666, rfid, mark of the beast


An annoying insect.

Specifically, a mosquito that comes into your bed at three in the morning and can not be cast out.

"Those damn beelzebugs have been biting me all day!" shouted Roger as he scratched madly. "I hate them."

(Beelzebug comes from a make-a-new-word contest in a newspaper. It comes from Beelzebub, the name of a character in "Paradise Lost" who is ranks right below Satan in Hell.)


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