What is Beem?


The sound one makes while surprising someone with a quick, friendly pinch of the nipple. May also be used as a verb to refer to the act of pinching someone's nipple. Areas and places on which someone may be pinched in an amusing manner, such as nipples are referred to as "beemables." Also spelled "beam." Different from a purple nurple or titty twister, which are meant to hurt. Beems are completely playful in nature.

(While pinching someone's nipple) "Beem!"

Marie folded her arms to prevent Sebastien from beeming her.

It is well advised to protect your beemables around Jonas. He beems quicker than anyone I've ever known.

See beem, beam, pinch, nipple, purple nurple, titty twister


The act of creating a "beem" (or beam) is when a girls sphincter is excessly huge and gaping during anal copulation.

Beeeeeem! for my man johnson!" - Lexinton Steel


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