Beer Ninja

What is Beer Ninja?


one who stealthily can steal another's beer. basically a beer ninja is one stealthy m0-fo and can do it right in front of yo face.

Yo digga, tonite i stole a beer and used kim's fat ass as a screen when i leaned over and grabbed it off the fuckin coffee table. I'm a hella sweet beer ninja.

Hahahahaha Dave was so drunk i walked right up to him and stole his beer like 2 feet from his face. fuckin hilarious. Man that makes 2 beers tonite. I'm such a fuckin beer ninja, yo.

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The person(s) involve in the theft of beer from one party to take back to the party of their own. Once a beer ninja accepts the mission he must complete under any means neccessary. This includes but is not limited to 1)stealing from a friends party, 2)jumping fences, 3) wearing camoflage, 4)kidnapping people, 5) attacking from the sea, and 6)sending in spies to distract parties away from the mass of beer.

Chris: We are out of beer dude

Nick: No shit? Guy down the street is having a party.

Chris: Lets take his beer.

Nick: Its on. Beer Ninja style.

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