What is Beish?


A word commonly used to describe a female that has unpleasant qualities such as a constant unpleasant attitude. Beishes are known to criticize small and trivial things about other females as well as males that a non-beish would not. Beishes are promiscuous in nature and tend to have a low intellectual capacity. They are often considered desirable by males in their late teens that are looking for unemotional sexual encounters and an easily abused inferior.

"That stupid beish! She's only good for teh saix!"

"That dumb beish made fun of the color of my shirt. Who the fuck cares about shit like that?"

"Man, I need some beishes, they're always good to boost my self confidence."

See bitch, whore, slut, beishe


An expression to show confusion or surprise. Can also be used with the word "heinsh" or "baish"

"Beish, whats up with that fag?"

See baish, bsh, beysh


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